Franchise Tag Numbers: Not Much To Worry About


The tentative 2013 Franchise tag numbers were announced yesterday and despite the hefty contracts that some players may receive, it probably won’t get too expensive for the Jaguars.  Of the players with 2012 expiring contracts, a strong case for franchising Derek Cox can be made.  Due to injury concerns, it may be the best thing for the Jaguars to do.  Below are the projected amounts for each position (in millions of dollars):

  • CB: $10.668
  • DE: $10.984
  • DT: $8.306
  • K/P: $2.926
  • LB: $9.455
  • OL: $9.660
  • QB: $14.642
  • RB: $8.079
  • S: $6.798
  • TE: $5.962
  • WR: $10.357

Cox looking like a wide receiver!  Source: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While $10.668 million may be a bit much for Cox because he has struggled to stay on the field, Cox has shown that he is the only shutdown corner on the Jaguar roster.  Cox has seen the field in 11 games this season and has contributed team-highs four interceptions and 11 passes defensed, one fumble forced, and 55 tackles.  His play, when he is on the field, has been among the bright spots of a horrendous defense.

Other notable players with contracts expiring this season are defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, center Brad Meester, tight end Zach Potter, recently impressive wide receiver Jordan Shipley, underperforming guard Eben Britton, favorite fullback Greg Jones, underperforming running back Rashad Jennings, and up and coming defensive end John Chick.  Meester could also be a candidate to be franchised but $9.6 million could be a hefty amount over the $10 million he made over the past four seasons.

The most expensive player would probably be Jones.  Jones has been a favorite of Jags fans and of the front office/coaching staff for years.  He plays hard and works hard and is easily one of the best at his position.  However, his expiring $17.4 million over five years is a much heftier price tag than most players on the team.  I’d love to see Jones brought back to the team, but $8 million may be too much for a premier blocking back.

– Luke N. Sims

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