What’s Next: The Merciful End!


The Jaguars will take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday for the final matchup of the season.  Neither team has a chance to take the AFC South title or to sneak into the playoffs.  Neither team has improved on their 2011 record.  Neither team has shown that a first round receiver is an absolute difference maker in his rookie year.

This game really has nothing going for it.

This game will be a game for pride.  Whether the Jaguars or Titans win or lose doesn’t really matter because it’s either a thankful final win to end the season or a mercy killing that sends the team to the offseason gasping at the fresh air of 0-0 like a fish released back into the sea.

The offseason can be a beautiful thing.

When you are 2-13, all you can really hope for is the offseason.  Whether you’re excited for the 2013 NFL Draft or you’re just excited to not have to wear a bag over your head when you go to Everbank Field, the offseason is a breath of fresh air.  This end will be merciful for us Jaguars fans.

After being beat down by such a slow, horrendous season I am pleased to finally be able to stop thinking about winning more and, instead, thinking about moving on past either 2-14 or 3-13.

The Titans could be defeated by the Jaguars, they did it earlier in the season.  Bud Adams has admitted it’s a chore for him to go to Nashville and see his own team, and I assure you it is partly because of the product on the field.  The Jaguars do not have an owner calling them out and that will help as the Jaguars prepare for the end of the season.  With the end of the season looming, a storm cloud that can’t yet be seen developing in Shad Khan, and pride all ready being beat out of the team, this matchup really has no pressure.

No pressure.

The merciful end.

3-13 isn’t much better than 2-14.  One more win won’t save Mike Mularkey or Gene Smith.  The end is near.

Thank goodness.

– Luke N. Sims

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