Chad Henne Makes Me Eat My Words Again…


Last week I had some really nice things to say about Chad Henne. It was 100% earned, and it seemed as if I wasn’t the only one who believed that Chad Henne has a future with this ball club. After yesterday, do I believe Henne has a future as a Jaguar? Yes. In what capacity, I’m not yet sure.

When Gabbert hit IR, there was a part of me that thought that Gabbert’s non-throwing shoulder was a non-problem and that it was really just an excuse to see what Henne could do under center. Now I’m realizing that Gabbert really is probably injured to the point of not playing for the rest of the season. Is Henne auditioning for the starting position in 2013? I’d like to think so, but this past Sunday against the Bills was just a reminder of how inconsistent Henne can be.

Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Am I going to rip him apart for it? Nah. It’s been one of those seasons. Does anyone else just feel absolutely exhausted?

Last week I read a great post by Zain Gowani. In his post, he states that there’s a lack of a vision with the team. I can see it. We’re wandering aimlessly in the pits of the NFL’s non-elite with the likes of the Chiefs and the Raiders (who actually beat us by the way).

What needs to happen?

I don’t see how Gene Smith is with the organization next year. You can’t rebuild a car and use the same old engine. I refuse, however, to be one of these rabid fans calling for Smith’s head. Being an NFL GM is a job I would not want.

Do NOT go out and reach for a QB in the early rounds of next year’s draft. Do NOT go out and try to sign a 3rd quarterback to “compete for the job in camp.”

I can see the Jaguars taking a QB in the mid to late rounds to bring along and develop. I can even see the Jags taking a QB in the early rounds if the pick is right and if the pick is there, but please don’t go QB crazy in the offseason.

I’d like to see a serious competition between Gabbert and Henne going into 2013. Heading into camp in 2012, the reins were pretty much handed to Gabbert. Henne prosed little to no threat to actually take the job. Even if Henne tanks these last four games, I’d like to see him compete for the starting position next camp.

The offensive and defensive lines must be addressed. I don’t care how. I don’t care if it’s through the draft or through free agency (even though I’d like to see a healthy combination of both) something has to be done about protecting our quarterback and getting to their quarterback.

What to do with MJD? This running game sure has been atrocious. Rashad Jennings has been one of the many disappointments of the 2012 season.

Until then…

Support this team, support this team, support this team. We have playmakers now! Cecil Shorts is the real deal, and Justin Blackmon has shown flashes of potential. We have a head coach who is about to finish his first season with the team. Often times successful new regimes begin just like this. The foundation is being laid and hopefully we’ll see progress from this terrible, terrible season.

Speaking of terrible seasons, this could go down as the worst one ever. I want to see if these guys will dig deep and stop that from happening. Besides, I’m sure they’re all playing for a roster spot next season.

There are four games of Jacksonville Jaguars football left. The future starts now. Who will stay and who will go? Who will quit on 2012? Will we see MJD and Daryl Smith this season? Have the players bought in to Mike Mularkey? Will they respond to him in the face of such a massacre of a season? Will the Jaguars completely dismantle the Jets? I’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?

There’s a lot to look for, you just have to be willing to search.

-David R. Johns