B&T Power Rankings Week 14


Welcome to the B&T Power Rankings.  The place where we rank the teams on their record, front office actions, and overall craziness.  Expect some arbitrary explanations, some in-depth analysis, and your fair share of surprises.

Some divisions are clinched, the Giants let the Cowboys and Redskins back into the playoff hunt, and the Chiefs finally win a second game.  As things get settled some surprises still come to us each Sunday.

Hate ‘em?  Love ‘em? Agree? Disagree?  Leave it in the comments.

#1 [1] . Houston Texans, 11-1: The Texans have cemented themselves as the next division champs in the AFC South.  We can now start questioning whether they will create a dynasty like the Colts did for a decade.

#2 [3]. Denver Broncos, 9-3: Back to back division champions with two different quarterbacks?  I put it on the defense for that feat.  Peyton Manning is nice too.

#3 [5].  Atlanta Falcons, 11-1: Beating New Orleans the second time around is good.  The Falcons could finally be a mature team heading into the playoffs.

#4 [6]. New England Patriots, 9-3:  The Pats are, once again, the division kings of the AFC East.

#5 [9].  Green Bay Packers, 8-4: The NFC North doesn’t feel as close as it actually is because the Packers are playing such good football right now.

#6 [4]. New York Giants, 7-5: In a must win game for the Giants, they failed to distance themselves from the only thing that could stop them from getting into the playoffs: the division race.  *facepalm*

#7 [10]. Cincinnati Bengals, 7-5: The Bengals, they’re so hot right now.

#8 [2]. San Francisco 49ers, 8-3-1: Maybe the Rams just have their number this year, or maybe the Niners are slightly more vulnerable than we all thought.

#9 [7]. Chicago Bears, 8-4: How the Bears let the Seahawks (who hadn’t won a road game all year) come into Soldier Field (SOLDIER FIELD!) and lose is beyond me.  Chicago needs to tighten up for the playoffs.

#10 [8]. Baltimore Ravens, 9-3:  You lose to a division rival missing their top two quarterbacks!  How?

#11 [12]. Pittsburgh Steelers, 7-5: I may have to eat my words, because the Steelers just won a game with their third string quarterback.  If Roethlisberger gets back and the Steelers are still in contention then this team may just get dangerous again.

#12 [13]. Indianapolis Colts, 8-4: Who would have thought this team would be so close to the playoffs in year one of the rebuild?  Last season seems like a distant memory with Andrew Luck under center.

#13 [11]. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 6-6: The Bucs fall and are suddenly much more vulnerable.  Tampa Bay needs Doug Martin to continue to do well or else they will continue to lose games.

#14 [14]. Washington Redskins, 6-6The Redskins need to keep winning if they hope to make the playoffs.  RGIII is special, but the rest of this team is finally starting to rally as well.

#15 [17]. Seattle Seahawks, 7-5:  One more win and the Seahawks are above .500 with a rookie quarterback.  Well done Mr. Carroll, well done.

#16 [15]. New Orleans Saints, 5-7:  It would be impressive if the Saints had a run to the playoffs just now, but I doubt they do it without Sean Payton.  Their coach is such a mastermind that you have to impressed by home much better they are with him on the sidelines.

#17 [16]. Minnesota Vikings, 6-6: If Adrian Peterson were on any other team or if this team wasn’t in such a tough division, the Vikings would be in the playoffs for sure.  It just won’t happen with Chicago and Green Bay in front of them though.

#18 [18]. Miami Dolphins, 5-7: This won’t be their year to sneak into the playoffs, but the Dolphins are (very) quietly playing decent football.

#19 [22]. St. Louis Rams, 5-6-1:  Fun fact: the Rams are undefeated in division games.  This team continues to outplay their talent each week.

#20 [19]. Dallas Cowboys, 6-6: In a tight race for the NFC East title, I just don’t see Tony Romo overcoming the Redskins and Giants to squeak into the playoffs.  It would be interesting if I was proven wrong though.

#21 [21]. Cleveland Browns, 4-8: Don’t look now, but that’s two in a row for the Browns!

#22 [20]. Detroit Lions, 4-8:  The Lions lost to a strong Indianapolis team.  How this offense is not able to win a shootout escapes me.  They need help despite the large amount of playmakers they have on offense.

#23 [25]. Buffalo Bills, 5-7: Ryan Fitzpatrick completed nine passes, C.J. Spiller had under 100 yards, and the Bills destroyed the Jaguars.  Holding the ball for 42 minutes will win you games.

#24 [24]. San Diego Chargers, 4-8: The Chargers were competitive but failed to score points.  That’s been their story all year long.

#25 [23]. Arizona Cardinals, 4-8:  The Cardinals couldn’t score enough points (one touchdown) to overcome a lone touchdown from the Jets brought about by a third string quarterback.  Sad day.

#26 [27]. New York Jets, 5-7:  I actually like Greg McElroy.  I think the kid has gumption.  Is his play good enough to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl?  Doubtful, but he’s still better than the Sanchize.

#27 [29]. Tennessee Titans, 4-8:  Six turnovers?  You don’t win games like that, especially when your team is struggling.

#28 [26]. Carolina Panthers, 3-9: Outside of Cam Newton this team is really struggling; and even Cam isn’t spot on every Sunday.

#29 [29]. Jacksonville Jaguars, 2-10: The Jags would slide even further, but we know they can be explosive and compete.  They are currently under the “Chad Henne” spell and will only be as good or bad as their quarterback.

#30 [30]. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-9:  This is the worst Eagles record in decades.  A storied tradition in Philadelphia will undoubtedly attempt to be revamped in the offseason but for now the Eagles continue to slide.

#31 [31]. Oakland Raiders, 3-9: The Raiders continue to falter.  They lost to the Browns which makes them one of four opponents to do so this season and firmly places them a tier behind the improving Cleveland team.

 #32 [32].  Kansas City Chiefs, 2-10:  I like that the Chiefs won, but this team still isn’t very good.  Emotion can only carry you so far.