Why it feels so good!


This Jaguar win over Tennessee feels good. In fact, it feels better than any win since 2009.  You may not agree with me, but here is why I feel it is different:

In the Del Rio era, it was play stout defense and get enough offense to barely win.  While the rest of the NFL evolved into a passing game, we devolved to a run only game.  Since Jimmy Smith left, here is our leading receiver total yards:

  • 2006 Matt Jones 643 yards
  • 2007 Reggie Williams 629 yards
  • 2008 Matt Jones 761 yards
  • 2009 Mike Walker 869 yards
  • 2010 Mike Thomas 820 yards
  • 2011 Marcedes Lewis 460 yards

Cecil Shorts already beats 3 of the last 6 years. Anyone want to guess what the numbers would look like if a real quarterback was a Jaguar?

Adrian Petterson said “without MJD, the Jaguar offense is nothing”. You know what? He was right back at the start of the season. Mike Mularkey inherited a team without a passing attack. No receivers, no quarterback, nothing.  Without MJD, this team had no offense. Jack Del Rio never bit the bullet and developed a passing attack. Our offensive line never learned to pass block.

Mike Mularkey knew that was wrong and set about to build a team that could compete. That coaching group worked with the talent it had and assumed they could leave the defense to Mel Tucker.  Something is very wrong on the defensive side of this team. Maybe Del Rio was the real defensive guy. Fixing that will be an off-season affair, but Mike Mularkey is doing a fantastic job on the offensive side even WITHOUT Maurice.

The reason this win feels so good is that I believe it is the start of the resurgence of the Jaguars. I believe we are building a team people will not want to play. Do you cover Justin Blackman, Maurice Jones Drew or Cecil Shorts? Put better play at the offensive line and wow. Draft another first round receiver. Build an offensive juggernaut.

Gene Smith said he would rebuild the offensive and defensive lines and has failed miserably in that.  If he had been successful, this team would look much different. There is a lot of work to be done. I trust Shad Kahn will take the appropriate actions in the off season.

In the mean time, I like this team and where it is going. I like the coaching staff except I want Mel Tucker back. In fact, let’s get Maurice back, let’s get Daryl Smith back, and let’s play some football.  I am very happy to be a season ticket holder and am excited for the future of the team.

Just my opinion

– Terry O’Brien