Henne Looks Good In Start


Chad Henne looked pretty good in his first start for the Jaguars this season.  Long gone maybe the days of his Oakland Raiders collapse.  Inconsistency is the big knock against Henne, but if he continues to produce like he has the past couple weeks even with some cold weeks, I may just take it.

Rather than an anemic offense that slowly creeps across the field like mollasses, the Jaguars have a strong, explosive offense with Henne.  He may not have the most consistent plays, he may get hot and cold at times, but man that guy throws a good ball an awful lot.

Good QBs make the players around them better and Henne is doing just that with his receivers.  Source: Rob Foldy-US PRESSWIRE

The receivers are really benefitting from having such a strong armed, gunslinging player under center.  Justin Blackmon has finally come alive and looks like a first round game changer rather than a first round bust.  Cecil Shorts III looks even more like the playmaker he was becoming with Blaine Gabbert starting and is becoming a receiver who can take control of the game.

Henne will undoubtedly take some lumps at some point – the Oakland game is proof enough of that – but this is a guy who had second round NFL talent when he was chosen by the Dolphins to be their man of the future.  This guy could be more than just a bandaid and he is playing like it.  The NFL is a rough and tumble business that requires you to step up when you get the opportunity.  Henne saw that opportunity last week and took it.  He is seeing the field much better than Gabbert has over the past two seasons and he is really getting the ball out and into playmakers hands more.  In this way he is becoming a play maker himself.

A quarterback can’t do it alone and 261 yards with two touchdowns isn’t going to get you too many headlines, but right now that’s more than we’re used to and it’s something that’s worth investing a little more time into.  The Jaguars got a pretty good backup in Henne this offseason.

They got a pretty good starter too.

– Luke N. Sims

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