What’s Next: The Turnaround


If you’re paying any attention to the Jaguars you know that what this team despeerately needs is so much more than wins, wins, and more wins. This team needs an attitude adjustment, a complete change in the way that they are approaching the game. It can be difficult to not get down on yourself whan you play a gmae as a professional and the results just aren’t coming.
So, with the benching of Blaine Gabbert and the replacement of Rashad Jennings, Mike Mularkey is hoping to inspire some form of turnaround.
Even if the Jaguars win out, they will still only have seven wins on the season. And even that is saying something since last year’s mark of 5-11. Truthfully, the wining out thing is probably overrated and not going to happen. So, do we just hope for 5-11 and call it good?

I don’t think so.
Even if the Jaguars finish 4-10 or 5-11 or heaen forbid, 3-12) the team can still see a turnaround of fortune and an increase in development if they focus and buckle down. After all, it’s still pretty rare that a team does get o the playofs in the first year of a new head coach and offensive scheme.  It may pain us Jaguar fans to realize it, but the wins don’t have to come this year.

This year is about finding pieces that Mike Mularkey can work with in the year(s) to come.

Chad Henne could be that piece.  We’ve all written him off, but Mularkey may as well give him a shot.  Jalen Parmele could be a piece.  Heck, even recently signed wide receiver Jordan Shipley could be a piece.  Kind of like Gene Smith’s throw whoever you can at defensive end and hope someone sticks strategy, Mularkey is hoping to find at least some answers on a roster that would make most other GMs (Kansas City excluded) balk.

We may not see the results of the work until next year, the year after, or maybe the year after that.  These may be things that we, as fans, feel we can’t live with.

But the turnaround is coming.  And right now it’s all about seeing which pieces fit and which don’t.  It begins again on Sunday against the Titans.

– Luke N. Sims