Justin Blackmon Has HUGE Day


When you average 33 yards per catch, it becomes very difficult to not have a big day.  Blackmon managed a beautiful 33.7 yards per catch average as he caught seven balls for 236 yards against a usually stingy Houston Texans defense.  It wasn’t all beautiful, but the bigger more possession oriented receiver managed to make some long catch and runs en route to punishing the Texans secondary.  Some key blocks downfield were helpful in allowing Blackmon to finally have a breakout day.

It was like the guy could do no wrong….or the Texans couldn’t do anything right.  Source:  Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Blackmon’s 236 on the day was a mere 14 yards under his total season production thus far.  After 26 catches for 250 yards (9.6 yards per catch) in the first nine games, Blackmon’s explosion for massive yards was unexpected to say the least.  This game is the reason one takes someone like Blackmon in the first round of the NFL draft.  He used his talent to finally create mismatches and it looked like Jerry Sullivan’s teaching had finally made an impact on the mistake-prone receiver.

The Texans defense didn’t do themselves any favors with poor tackling and not rolling much more coverage to Blackmon as he began to eat up yards.  Blackmon displayed much more awareness and experience than his rookie season showed previously.  He knew where is blockers were, was able to beat the coverage, and he was using his hands to make catches, shed tackles, and keep moving the ball downfield.

I questioned whether Blackmon would ever show up this season earlier in the week.  This game he showed that he not only could, but that he would and will in the future.  A player just doesn’t suddenly have 200+ yards in a game.  That’s something special.

This Justin Blackmon is something special.

– Luke N. Sims

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