Houston Beats Jacksonville 43-37 in OT


In a game nobody expected to get close, Chad Henne stepped into the Jaguars offense and made some magic happen.  Henne and Matt Schaub combined for 881 passing yards while putting both Andre Johnson (273) and Justin Blackmon (236) in the record books as the second duo on opposing teams to each catch 200+.

This was supposed to be a defense-dominated game for the Texans.  Source: Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Some say that the Texans may have been sleep walking through this one and that is why Jacksonville surprised them.  However, in a league that has put many more mediocre teams in front of the Jaguars and seen less fight, I think it is more probable that the Jaguars just woke up.

The Jaguars had the game in their reach going up 34-20 with 12:33 left in the game.  However, the Texans took advantage of the outmatched Jaguars’ secondary to catch up and force overtime after missing a game-winning 47 yard field goal.  Matt Schaub completed his final 16 passes in order to bring the Texans back and force overtime.

This game was supposed to be out of hand, but the Jaguars may have managed to show that being in the NFL does mean you can hang with the best on any given Sunday (and beat college teams too).  Blackmon was able to take advantage of a usually stingy defense and showed why he was a top-5 pick for the first time this season.  Henne had a big day in relief for the injured Blaine Gabbert (bruised elbow after going 2/2 for 24 yards), setting a career record four touchdowns and finishing with 354 yards.

This game delivered on many different levels.  Let’s take a peek at them:

  • Blackmon and Johnson – second 200+ opposing duo in NFL History
  • Matt Schaub – Most yards since 1990 with 527 (tied with Warren Moon in ’90 for second most in NFL history)
  • Texans’ first overtime win at home – ever
  • Jaguars third overtime loss this season

It was an exciting game that opened some eyes and gave fans something to think about for years to come.

It may be a loss for the Jaguars, but it’s nice to see them finally show up.

– Luke N. Sims

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