Is Laurent Robinson Worth The Money?


At this time I think we can safely say no.

But what about in the future?

The Jags handed a $32.5 million contract to Robinson for five years.  The expectation was that he would be the number one receiving threat for the Jaguars for a long while.  His concussions and “pressed” play obviously are underwhelming.

However, since being relegated to a non-starting role he has shown that he can be an effective receiver.  Over the past two games, Robinson has racked up 15 receptions for 118 yards.  That’s no small amount of yardage.  The game against Detroit two weeks ago he a season high six receptions followed by a new high of nine the week after.  It’s a bit early to tell, but if the trend from the past two weeks continue, Robinson could be starting to get hot.  Whereas Robinson had only nine receptions in the first four games combined, he is now showing that has value with this Jaguars offense.

In an offense lacking sure-handed receivers (looking at you, Justin Blackmon) it is important to have receivers who can productive when they get their hands on the ball.  While his yards per game are almost 20 less than last season, as Robinson is worked in more frequently with better matchups coming off the bend, he should increase that.

While he still doesn’t look like the receiver he was last year (858 yards, 11 touchdowns in 14 games) he is starting to look like belongs on a football field.  Sadly, that’s something for the Jaguars.

If Robinson can continue his hot play from the past two weeks and maintain it over the rest of the season then this deal may end up paying off for the Jaguars.  We’ll see how he does against a better defense in the Houston Texans.

– Luke N. Sims

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