Jags Should Wear Away Jerseys Against Colts


How often does a team fail as miserably as the Jaguars at home?  It’s an infrequent anomaly that the Jaguars are a part of.  Usually it is the away games that affect the way the players play.  That extra urge of antagonistic cheering and jeering from the opposing team’s crowd is supposed to affect the team more than your own fans supporting you.

Yet here in Jacksonville we have a team that apparently doesn’t respond well to all that support.

In a place that is obviously oppressing the Jaguars’ performances the team should treat Everbank Field as hostile.

They need to shake things up.

The Jags should wear white to their own black home game.

Until this team wins at home

.  Until this team is competitive at home they should treat every game as a game away.  They should be going into every game uncomfortable and on their toes.  Everbank field has a lot of Jags supporters in it, but the team obviously needs to treat the home game as something a little more challenging.  Wearing white would symbolise their desire for change and their need to be more aggressive in their own stadium.

Play calling has been a mess and the team has failed to be effective offensively until way too late in games – especially at home.  This team needs a statement win and they need it now.  That statement would be very well received if the team came out in white on the national stage to show that they aren’t comfortable with the way thins have been going thus far.  That statements would be made with a much better offensive showin that they have been used to in the past.

Hey, it’s just an idea an one man’s opinion.  It probably won’t happen, but right now I’m willing to suggest anything that could get this team going again.

– Luke N. Sims

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