What To Expect From The Rest of The Season


Gabbert posted over 300 yards passing. Cecil Shorts had over 100 yards receiving. Andre Branch made a huge play. The defense overall resembled that of last year’s.

Blaine Gabbert and company are still fighting to make plays every time they take the field. Source: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

All of this happened against the powerhouse Green Bay Packers. Coming into this game in particular, I was convinced it was going to be quite the embarrassing endeavor. I was happily mistaken in assuming so.

I recently read an article here on B&T talking about how this team has not quit. No. They haven’t. Even though the Jaguars are 1-6, one has to wonder…what does the rest of the season hold?

Now I’m not going to be the lunatic who preaches playoffs for this team. What about an 8-8 season though? Could it happen? I’m going to go out on a limb and say…yes it could.

If the Jaguars play like they did last Sunday, I believe it could. If they build on what they did last Sunday and actually begin to put up points I would have to assume 8-8 is within reason.

We have four more division games left on the schedule. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility to believe the Jaguars could sweep the Colts and the Titans. When it comes to division games…all bets are off…so could they possibly split the series with Houston? It’d be a major upset, but it’s not completely out of the question is it?

The Washington Redskins swept the New York Giants last year. That’s just how division games go.

We play three more teams from the AFC East; Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets. I really don’t see the Jaguars beating the Patriots unless the Patriots have already locked things up and don’t have anything to play for. The Dolphins and the Jets is a push IF and only IF the Jaguars play like they did against the Packers.

Next up are the Detroit Lions who are a shadow of their former selves, but they could very well beat the Jaguars. As a matter of fact it seems as if anyone can beat the Jaguars.

Of course all of this is only speculation. Chances are the offense sputters, the defense keeps letting receivers and backs run wild, and the Jaguars end up with yet another high draft pick.

8-8 is only possible if and only if the Jaguars play the best ball they can play. Of course injuries are a factor as well. Everyone saw how this team looked with Chad Henne under center.

8-8 would as miraculous as winning the Super Bowl for the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars. Is it possible? Probably not, but it’s nice to think about isn’t it?

-David R. Johns