Fantasy Football: Staying Competitive


You’ve already drafted, might have dealt with bye week plug-ins, and maybe you’ve had an injury or two; now it’s time to step it up a notch. Here are a few basic tips to stay competitive throughout the season.

Know what you have:
Depending on how many people your league consists of, the more likely their will be holes or lack of skill players at a certain position, especially if injuries start to pile up. Knowing what you have will determine what moves you should make as you go forward. Most players will have an elite player at either Quarterback, Running back, Wide Receiver or Tight End, but never completely fulfilled at all positions, let alone at kicker or defense. By knowing where you best talent lyes, you can determine who to pick off the waiver wire.

Who picked Flash Gordon off waivers?

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The Waiver Wire:
I can’t stress how important the waiver wire is. Drafting the best projected players isn’t enough if your going to win, even more so in the late weeks of the season. The first thing you should check for is how your waivers reset. Most reset every week based on standings to let the worst players get first crack at the hot targets. More competitive leagues never reset and give you the last waiver in order. Big news on players is great but remember, everyone can see that. Players that are hot are likely to see higher projections the following week, but remember that projections could be made by Madden 13, depending on what website you use. The best way to see what players could have a big game is by first checking out how ofter the player is on the field by checking depth charts and past statistics. The more snaps they see, whether pass or run, the more likely they are to get the ball. Next you should check injury status of not only skill positions but the entire team. does a great job of this. This is important for plug-in plays like quarterbacks. If you picked up a quarterback for your starter who is on a bye, make sure his line is in tact, especially his left tackle. Lastly you should take projections for what their worth. Every weeks projections are hit or miss across the board, they are after all projections not facts. Anyone know who Josh Gordon is? He entered the supplemental draft this season, and was taken by the Brown for next years second round pick. Gordon is an example of a player who can emerge to have big games, you just have to keep your self updated, or your t.v. on Sports center/ NFL Network. If all else fails, trade.

The most traded player based on his upside. Is he worth it?

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Trading is tricky for a few reasons. For one, it requires sacrifice, and some don’t understand this. To get a player of worth, it requires equal or greater value, and that also means letting go of a player who can bite you in the future. Although, some have trouble determining what a player is truly worth. Trading is also another risk/reward as any players could be injured, over or under perform. This reaffirms my first point of knowing what you have. Do you have a top 5 player, a “rising star”, or a flex spot kind of player. The only way to perform any accurately judgement of a player is past statistics, team make up as well as injury history. Trading should only be performed in small doses, or when its too good to pass up. While its impossible to predict who will be the best player at every position each year, the top players are at the top because they are the “safest” picks.

Don’t say a word:
Don’t say anything about anyone ever! It’s much easier said then done. Most people outside of money leagues play fantasy football with friends who share their love of football. Thus, they will talk about it more with friends in just casual conversations. The only time to ever say a word is during a game about the game. Beware of who you talk about, everyone has waiver pick ups stolen. Before the draft is self explanatory, but don’t give anyone ideas after the season either. Some will give away insight to who they will draft next year which will give you insight to who they have attachments to. Any information is good information.

In Conclusion:
Know what you have
Study the waiver wire
Beware of trading
Don’t say a word

– Antonio Furgiuele