What’s Next: Get The Offense On The Same Page


In the NFL, the highest level of professional American Football, we expect perfection.  We expect players who are paid to catch the ball to catch the ball.  We expect players who have major bonuses written into their contracts to reach that level of play – or at least close to.  We do not expect mediocrity.  If I didn’t do a crucial part of my job, I would be fired.

The Jaguars receivers, especially Justin Blackmon, have had some communication issues with the quarterback on plays.  These players are paid to know what’s going on and where to be on plays they are on the field for.

With the bye week in Jacksonville, the Jaguars have an extra week for miscommunications between Blaine Gabbert and his receivers to be worked out.  Another week for the unit ranked last in passing to understand what every play means, where players are supposed to be at what time, and work on timing of throws.  It’s time the wrinkles were ironed out.

It’s a tough job being a receiver in the NFL.  That said, I tink that Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon have the talent to do the job.  They just need to make sure that they have a rapport with Gabbert.  With Blackmon holding out for a period before signing his rookie contract there was some crucial time with Gabbert cut out of his development.  That can be put back in place with the bye week.

The bye week is for making adjustments, getting healthy, and developing further as a team.  Right now, the team needs all of those things.  The most crucial of them all may be getting Gabbert on page with his receivers.  This team simply can’t compete with the way their offense has been operating right now.

– Luke N. Sims

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