Don’t Bench Blaine!


You read the title right. Don’t bench him. Let him have these games.

Coming into the 2012 season I had no realistic expectations of this team making the playoffs. Yes, improvements were made in the offseason, but not nearly enough to make a real playoff push. This is essentially Gabbert’s first season with an offseason and preseason. There is a new head coach in place installing a new offense.

Laurent Robinson was a one year wonder in Dallas. Rookie wide receivers struggle. Young quarterbacks make mistakes. The only weapon we still have is Maurice Jones-Drew. The only thing different from last season is our all of a sudden poor defense.

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

38 unanswered second half points. Yes, it was ugly. Watching this 41-3 beat down was one of the most pitiful performances I have ever seen from a football team in my entire life. Once the Bears opened it up, there was no looking back.

There is absolutely nothing good to take from a beating of such magnitude. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I have respect for fans of the Jaguars. Whenever I read something that sugar coats the truth, it’s insulting to Jaguars fans everywhere. Believe me-we know better.

Now I understand that many of you are probably about ready to see Chad Henne. I must ask…why?

What in the world would starting Chad Henne do for this football team? He’s a stop gap back up, and should only be put in the game if the starter goes down. We’d lose just as bad, but instead of developing a young quarterback and letting him make mistakes and better yet learn from those mistakes, we’d just be…starting Chad Henne.

Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

Chad Henne is not the future of the franchise. Is Blaine Gabbert?

We’re only five weeks into the regular season. It’s important that the coaching staff brings him along and sees how he performs in the new offense. How can we know what we have if he’s on the bench?

Many of you claim to have seen enough. To those individuals, I respect that and I understand.

But what about the rest of the season? Do you really think Gabbert is the sole reason the Jacksonville Jaguars are 1-4 heading into the bye? Do you really believe that if not for Gabbert, the Jags could be 4-1? The answer is quite simple. The entire team is under performing.

Let Gabbert throw interceptions. I’m just happy we were throwing the ball. MJD was bottled up. So instead of doing what we always do (run, run, run) the coaching staff decided to pass instead. No, it didn’t pay off, but at least they’re showing a little more faith and letting our quarterback play.

How are Justin Blackmon and Blaine Gabbert supposed to develop a rapport if Gabbert is riding pine? Blackmon is a beast, and he’s only going to get better with time.

Do I agree that we should “stay the course” as Mike Mularkey continues to insist? Why in the world should anyone stay on a course that has led them to 1-4? Adjustments MUST be made. I’m just saying Gabbert should be included in the adjustments.

-David Johns