The Revolution City Report


After allowing 38 points in the second half, only putting up a field goal for 60 minutes worth of football, and once again completely sputtering out at home, the blame cannot fall on one person or group, it’s the disgusting amalgamation of sudo-amateur “athletes and coaches” that wear black and teal and they must answer to every fan in Duval County.

In the three home games this season, the Jaguars have lost by a combined score of 105-20. We don’t even average a single touchdown at home!  That is unacceptable from a collection of 53 men that call themselves professional football players.  I don’t care as much about road games, but losing home games like that is extremely embarrassing.  We want The Bank to be a place that opponents fear!  A place that they prepare an extra week in advance for because the home team always plays above their abilities every time and find ways to win for their raucous home crowd foaming at the mouth to add another visiting victim to the slew of paupers graves we toss their mangled remains into.

Instead it is a daycare center that visiting teams use to get healthy, pad their stats, and give backups and rookies large amounts of playtime.  It is an automatic victory for everyone that comes into our home!  This atrocity cannot stand.  There is only one way to fix it.  SELL OUT EVERY HOME GAME.

The Jaguars need to sell out every game.  I don’t want to see a single untarped seat empty.  Buy all the Jaguars apparel you can afford (I can’t believe how expensive that stuff is btw), come out in droves, tailgate your face off, and stay until the 4th quarter clock strikes 0:00.  And Boo.  Boo until you go raspy and then boo some more.  Stay absolutely silent when the other team is on offense.  Go absolutely nuts when the offense is out there.  Do not give this Jaguars team a single moment’s peace.  If they are going to hose us, we’ll hose them right back.  This is the best way to get the results we want. Why, you may ask?

If the Jags suck and no one goes to the games, we’ll be LA bound in hot minute.  We need to support the IDEA of the Jaguars.  We need to let Khan, the other 31 owners, Goodell, and ESPN know that Jacksonville is a hell of a place for NFL football.  We need to get the point across that the product on the field is no longer acceptable.  Fans must band together, arm in arm, and rise up as one to fix this abysmal situation we have on the field.  Force major changes and they will come.