Colts Lose, Rest of AFC South Victorious


In a close loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Andrew Luck had a superb game to add to an already impressive rookie resume.  Unfortunately, with the loss the Jaguars, Colts, and Titans are now all tied for 2nd/last in the AFC South at 1-2 behind a an impressive 3-0 Houston team.

Luck had a big day despite completing under 50% of his passes, but couldn’t lift the Colts above the Jaguars as they found some magic at the end.  As good as the Jaguars/Colts game was, it was nothing compared to the magic of Jake Locker and the Tennessee Titans in taking down the Detroit Lions in overtime.

The Lions have struggled without Matt Stafford playing top-level passing thus far in the season.  Backup Shaun Hill had more touchdowns (two) on the day than Stafford, but couldn’t bring back the team to beat the Titans.  Locker proved that he could hang with the big boys by going 29/42 (69%) for 378 yards and two scores.  It was an impressive performance by an offense that has, up until this week, been unable to get a win.  Big plays were the order of the day for the Titans and they managed just enough to escape with an electrifying victory.

Locker and Matt Schaub (four touchdowns in victory over Broncos) showed that after a long decade of running the ball, the teams in the AFC South can still get it done through the air.  Luck’s 300 yard performance was also jaw dropping but less explosive than his counterpart, Locker.

On the whole, the scores have created a bit of a quandary in the AFC South.  Three teams tied at 1-3 are starting to show that they could be on the rise and the Texans (still a healthy bit ahead of its competition) may have to start taking note of how quickly these teams are developing and how rapidly they could begin to vie for the AFC South crown.

Here are your AFC South scores:

Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans: 41-44 OT 

Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 17-22

Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos: 31-25

– Luke N. Sims

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