Jags, Titans Fall…Colts, Texans Triumph


It’s always rough to see the Jags continue to falter while the rest of the division moves forward.  So far they aren’t at the bottom alone though.  The Titans have been struggling mightily thus far but have yet to play a division opponent.  The Texans proved they are still kings of the AFC South by trashing the Jaguars in week two, and the Colts showed that they may be further along than thought by beating a Vikings team that beat Jacksonville in week one.

So, how are the teams looking?

Locker has some tools that he hasn’t been able to showcase yet this season.  You have to wonder if he’ll ever get the chance.  Source: Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE

The Texans are a powerhouse, as anticipated, and look to be back in Super Bowl form (not that they ever made it there).  Barring another Matt Schaub injury (and maybe even with it) this team is going to make a push.  It looks like the division won’t even be a speed bump on their path to the playoffs.

The Titans need to grow, and quickly.  Chris Johnson looks like he never should have even put on cleats in the NFL and Jake Locker will probably want to forget his first season starting.  The team that many pegged to be second in the division could still take advantage of weak Jacksonville and Indianapolis squads, but it will get harder as Andrew Luck gets more playing time and the Jags return to health.

In Indy things are looking up.  The Colts still have a revitalized Reggie Wayne catching balls from a rapidly maturing Luck.  The tight ends are growing at or faster than their quarterback and new coach Chuck Pagano seems to be for real.  The defense could still be a problem in some aspects, but if they remain mistake free it looks like they have the best chance to compete (thus far) in games outside of the Texans.

Meanwhile back on the ranch the Jaguars look a mess right now.  Hobbling along due to injury and discovering that their depth is much weaker than anticipated, the Jaguars need to get healthy fast.  Beyond that they need their starters to play better.  The safeties have been the highlight of the defense thus far and they’ve been quiet.  Blaine Gabbert needs to get back on form and Justin Blackmon needs to stop disappearing from games.

Here are your AFC South scores:

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars: 27-7

Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings: 23-20

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers: 10-38

– Luke N. Sims

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