What Can Be Gleaned From MJD Holdout?


With Maurice Jones-Drew coming back to the Jaguars on Sunday, we can now assess the Jaguars and how they have done without him and whether the positive trends we saw developing will continue or whether the team will revert some.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Rashad Jennings is starting-caliber running back
  • Montell Owens is more than just a special teamer
  • The O-line is very good at run blocking
  • The running back stable is much deeper than previously thought
  • Keith Toston could develop into a very good change of pace when needed
  • The front office is very smart (or MJD’s agent isn’t very bright)

While the last point could be questionable, we did learn some pretty good things.  Call it good blocking or say the defenses the Jags faced weren’t up to snuff, but the running backs did work during the preseason.  There were small moments of concern, like Jalen Parmele’s first outing, but on the whole the backs looked like they knew what they were doing…and did it.  Even if it was good blocking, I’ll take an offensive line that knows what it’s doing.

We also learned something about Jones-Drew:

  • He knows when to swallow his pride

It takes a lot of balls to hold out against your employer.  It takes a lot of pride to say, “I’m worth more than what we agreed I was a bit ago.”  Yet when those fines start to pile up and the team obviously isn’t going to budge, it takes a lot more balls to swallow your pride and realize that maybe it’s best to go back.

I’m happy to have Jones-Drew back and I’m happy to know that someone in the fantasy leagues may be enticed enough to use a 1st round pick on him (Dave?????).  It’s good to have the team feel “complete” again.

– Luke N. Sims