Jags/Saints Game Another Example Of Need For Regular Officials


The first Jags game this preseason had its hiccups, making it apparent that the officials on the field were not the regular ones. But rather than progressing and getting better so far this preseason, it feels that they have regressed.  The Jaguars vs the Saints was some of the worst officiating I have seen in a long time and resulted in a game that was frequently halted, took way too long, and was changed in outcome…all due to officiating.

Here is a quick rundown of some things that could have been done without/were done wrong during the Jags game:

  • The review of Colin Cloherty’s touchdown dive
  • Three pass interference calls against the Saints that simply weren’t pass interference (allowed the Jags to score the game-winning touchdown)
  • A touchdown called as a catch (helluva catch) when the ball obviously boggled all the way to the ground
  • Calling the wrong player number after a penalty (twice or more)
  • A missed Saints fumble ruled dead (therefore not allowing Mike Mularkey to challenge)

While there was also some missed holding calls, this is what I remember a day later after traveling for twelve hours without another review of the game.  It’s the kind of officiating that makes you cringe.  The pass interference penalties extended the Jags drive and made it possible for them to score.  There was no way they were walking out of the Superdome with a victory if it weren’t for the phantom pass interference that the Saints were getting flagged for.

The frequent stoppages to talk about what happened on the play was what really bothered most of us (or at least me) watching.  You could tell that the CST announcers were getting tired of the frequent stops as well.  Football is already a stop-and-go game, but when you have to discuss every play after it ends then it almost makes one want to watch soccer…almost.

Don’t make me watch soccer NFL!  Get those regular officials back in the game.  Because I simply can’t stand watching a game whose outcome can change based on how poor the officials happen to know the rules.

– Luke N. Sims

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