Whose Stock Is Rising After Preseason Week 1?


Like all games, football has winners and losers after every contest.  This is especially true in the preseason when the actual score of the game matters less and the play on the field matters more.  So, which players have their stock rising after the first preseason game and which have their stock falling?  In this post, we’ll look at whose stock is rising after the first contest.

  • Mike Thomas, WR – Thomas proved that he can still be a reliable slot receiver and could be worth the extension the Jaguars gave him.  He played extensively against the Giants and did work against the first team, second team, and third team defense.  Four receptions for 89 yards led the team in receiving yardage.
  • Brian Robiskie, WR – When you are fighting against an incumbent for a spot on a roster it is difficult to separate yourself from the pack.  Robiskie did just that though by hauling in seven receptions for 72 yards and a touchdown.  He looked good when he was on the field and seemed to use the bigger stage as a catalyst for his game.
  • Jordan Palmer, QB – Palmer really lit it up against the Giants.  His passes were crisp and his 110 yards while going 9-13 was an aerial highlight that won’t be forgotten by the coaching staff.  He could be making Chad Henne’s seat warmer if he keeps it up.
  • Andre Branch, DE – Branch’s speed was impressive coming off the edge.  I think he will open up opportunities for whomever is on the line when he’s in.  He did a good job of making things look easy while he was out there.  No sacks for the second round pick, but his influence was obvious.
  • George Selvie, DE – I was really, really impressed by Selvie.  He seemed to be everywhere and was forcing pressure when he was on the field.  He only had two tackles and a couple penalties but his effort was undeniable.
  • Aaron Morgan, DE – Ending the game with 1.5 sacks and constantly being in the backfield seemed to make Morgan look really good.  I think that he is really learning how to slip in between the offensive line and get to the quarterback.  He’s had high skills for a couple years and if he isn’t derailed by injury this may be the norm for him.

Will all of these guys continue to impress?  We won’t know, but their stock is trending upward for now.

– Luke N. Sims

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