Whose Stock Is Falling After Preseason Week 1?


Taking a peek at whose stock is falling and whose stock is rising is the best way to gauge who the real winners of a preseason game are.  When the score doesn’t matter, play does and there is always somebody who comes out on top.  So, who did well and who didn’t?  We’ll look at who didn’t do well and hurt themselves in this post:

  • Jalen Parmele, RB – You cannot have a .5 yards per carry average in the NFL.  Coming in as the primary backup to Rashad Jennings, Parmele really let us all down by gaining two yards on four carries.  He may be supplanted quickly by someone lower on the depth chart.
  • Mike Brown, WR – When you have a very slim shot at getting on the final 53 at your position, you need to prove you can be effective on special teams.  Brown did the opposite by fumbling two punts and only being effective at celebrating in the endzone for his fellow receivers.  Unless he manages to return a pair of punts for touchdowns next week I doubt we’ll be seeing much more from the fumble-prone Brown.
  • Chad Henne, QB – Henne’s stock is really only falling because Palmer’s is rising (oh comparative weights…).  If Henne really wants to get serious about being a developmental guide for Blaine Gabbert then he needs to start immediately.  His passes didn’t have as much zip as Palmer’s and he didn’t seem to be as in control as a lot of us expected.  Too bad, because his 31 starts and ability to lead were big intangible factors that led to him being signed.

Some of these guys may be able to step it up this coming week, but they really need to be sharp during camp and on the field if they hope to be relevant in a few more weeks.  The Del Rio whimsy cutting won’t be around for Henne a few weeks before the regular season, but he still needs to show that he’s better injury insurance than Palmer.

– Luke N. Sims

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