The New Guys on The O-Line Impress


There has been a lot of talk about the Jaguars offensive line over the past couple seasons and during training camp.  With the majority of the offensive line out with injuries or resting (yes, you Brad Meester) the team has been limited to Eben Britton as the sole starter during drills at some times.  The lack of veterans has led to new players getting a look during scrimmages and drills. So far, tackle Dan Hoch, center Mike Brewster, and guard D.J. Hall have all impressed.

It has been the speculation of some writers here at B&T that Brewster has a shot at usurping the backup role at center from John Estes.  If the report from that Brewster has been playing well is true then maybe that speculation was good insight into a potential shift in the depth at center.

Dan Hoch (listed at tackle, but getting some reps at guard) is getting some looks that could be invaluable because LT starter Eugene Monroe has been sitting out.  While Monroe has been consistent during his three years with the team and has started 14 or more games each season, the right tackle spot has been volatile lately with Britton struggling due to injury.  Having a quality tackle (assuming that Hoch can learn the game fast enough and the coaching staff inserts him at tackle) who could be inserted where needed could be invaluable to the Jaguars.  Like Brewster, Hoch has impressed during his time on the field.

Guard D.J. Hall is going to be seeing considerably more reps with the injury to starter Will Rackley.  Rackley did not stand out superbly during his time starting last year but has the spot secured.  With Rackley injured, Hall could be making an impact on the coaches to keep him as an insurance policy in case Rackley does not recover the way and when the team would like.

The Jags are looking at having some quality depth along the offensive line this season.  With new players impressing the coaches, the reported feel form the front office is that they could be more than training camp bodies this offseason.

– Luke N. Sims