Training Camp Ramble


The Jaguars certainly have been blowing up headlines haven’t they? Ole Vito states some numbers on Gabbert and then all of a sudden the Jaguars have the 1st overall pick in the 2013 draft. Isn’t that how it works in today’s media? We crown the champ before week one and denounce all others. Is this negative attention well deserved? I would say it is, but let’s keep it reasonable. It’s OK to say that Gabbert might have had a bad day because well…he did. 1 for 12 no matter what, is a bad day for a QB. Let’s just not take it TOO FAR.

Fear spreads faster than hope, and right now as a Jags fan there is a lot to fear. Still no MJD. Blackmon and the front office can’t seem to settle on the offset language of his contract. This whole Gabbert debacle definitely did not help. No one wants to see their quarterback go 1 for 12 in practice.

It just really depends on how you look at it though. How much of it attributes to dropped passes? How about we give our defense some credit. Maybe the pass rush has improved.

Trolling the twitter feeds yesterday afternoon, I believe it was Pete Prisco who said that Branch is going to be a very good end for us. I even saw Tony Boselli give props to Eugene Monroe. God bless Twitter. It allows everyone to have instant access to breaking news before the news even breaks, or maybe it’s not even news at all and the media just needs something to complain about…like one for twelve.

Do I believe Marcedes Lewis needs to be in better shape? Yeah, I believe it. I wonder why Tahi left abruptly like he did. Looks like the job belongs to Jones! There ya go Jones bandwagoners. I hope he adjusts well to the new Mularkey offense.

I read on Big Cat Country that Paul Posluszny looks like, “a man among boys.” I really do believe our defense is going to make leaps and bounds in 2013.

Why is everyone so surprised that the defense is ahead of the offense? Did you see our offense last year? Be patient. It’s new and I’m sure Gabbert will continue to get better, Robinson will stop dropping balls, and maybe we can Blackmon on the field in the next few days. Heaven knows we need him.

I’m still waiting to hear about Jones-Drew just showing up out of nowhere. It could be super dramatic. Chances are that’s not going to happen. Can we just trade the guy already while he’s still worth something?

Time to troll the twitter feeds…

-David R. Johns