The Jags D Looks Fresh In Camp


With Day three in the books and day four of training camp already well under way, it’s painfully obvious what the strength of the Jaguars will be: defense.  Whether it’s Aaron Ross looking good on the inside, Kevin Rutland learning to play outside corner effectively, Andre Branch looking like some kind second round diamond in the rough, or getting Terrance Knighton back from his eye injury in great shape, things are looking good for the defense.

Mel Tucker will have the unit playing well throughout camp and through the season.  Barring injuries like last year (which happen every year, mind you) there will probably be great success out of the defense.

With every report (be it a tweet, story, or simply a note at the bottom of some page) the strength of the defense is revealed.  No longer are we waiting on explanations from Mike Mularkey about Austen Lane, we can now see Austen Lane do what he does.

With the full pads on for day four, the team should be closer to their game tempo and the defense may continue to show its decisive advantage over the offense.

So far, the players on D that are getting a bit more hype due to training camp are:

  • Terrance Knighton
  • Austen Lane
  • Andre Branch
  • Aaron Ross
  • Kevin Rutland
  • Cris Prosinski

While the first five have been playing at a higher level than anticipated (or just playing and not being fat in Knighton’s case), Prosinski made a nice play on a pick that may set him up to keep his roster spot.  The ball was badly thrown, but hey, a pick is a pick – we all know we could use some sure hands back at safety.

– Luke N. Sims

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