Justin Blackmon’s Guilty Plea Helps Him – Shows Responsibility


There was never any doubt that Justin Blackmon is guilty of his aggravated DUI in Oklahoma.  Too often NFL players get trapped into contesting their illegal actions and losing in court.  The plea of guilt shows that Blackmon understands his national exposure, his wrong doing, and knows the consequences that it could cost him.

The NFL is a league that does not care if you are found guilty or not in a court of law.  If the league sees activity that displeases it, it will level punishment. Period.  It’s the way the league has acted for years and under commissioner Roger Goodell it has become even more heavy handed in its punishments.  So why fight what is so obvious already?

Fortunately, Blackmon knew this and chose to accept the consequences for his actions.  For those of us that have wondered whether Blackmon is the high character guy the Jaguars want, we need look no further.  People mess up and make mistakes.  Driving while over three times the legal limit is a huge mistake but a mistake all the same.  The difference between those that are mature and high character and those who aren’t is the acceptance of the consequences.

Blackmon put himself in the hands of the law.  When he entered his guilty plea he was admitting his mistake and taking whatever was given him.  50 hours of community service and a $500 fine is nothing!  He could have had jail time and he knows it.  But he didn’t get it.

When the Jaguars are negotiating with Blackmon over his rookie contract, they should look at what Blackmon has done since his arrest.  They should note the humility and maturity he had when dealing with the court.  Gene Smith should take this into account when negotiating with the receiver.  The only slight against him?  He didn’t show up for the hearing – but that would just be a publicity nightmare I suppose.

I really like that Blackmon took responsibility and took his lumps.  Every player experiences and grows in different ways.  Today I think we saw a lot of growth out of Mr. Justin Blackmon.

– Luke N. Sims

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