On the Precipice: Training Camp


Loyal readers,

Step away from the ledge.

Training camp begins next week.

The 2012 edition of the “Dead Zone” has been brutal on everyone, but with training camp on the horizon we can all actually start looking forward to football.

The national media has been a hot topic lately (especially on the O-Zone), so as a reminder to our readers, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite musings from several “experts” in the sports media world. Jaguar fans can keep all these fools in check when the team starts winning some games.

Mike Mularkey’s reaction to the following quotes.

"“…The Jacksonville Jaguars. They actually don’t know who their quarterback is going to be…”–          Andrew Siciliano, NFL Network"

"“Blaine Gabbert will lose his starting quarterback job to Chad Henne by Week 3 (of the preseason).”–          Don Banks, Sports Illustrated"

"“[Chad Henne has a] big arm, but [is] erratic and prone to bad turnovers. And still, he could keep Gabbert on the bench.”–          Jason Smith, NFL.com"

I wanted to start off by highlighting a topic that seemingly no one has told Mike Mularkey and the Jaguars about – there’s apparently a quarterback competition in Jacksonville.

Despite explicitly coming out and saying that Blaine Gabbert is the starting quarterback, the expectation in the national media is that Mularkey will eventually bench Gabbert for Henne. Apparently Gabbert has no room to improve after a terrible rookie season. Come on, we all know every player plays their entire career at the level they played their rookie season, right?

"“That’s it. I’m mocking the Jaguars first until further notice. Believe me when I say that the entire front office is in complete disarray. Many members of the Jaguars’ organization believe that Blaine Gabbert is a lemon.”–          Walterfootball.com, 2013 Mock Draft (Jaguars #1 Overall Pick)"

I don’t even know how to respond to this. As someone who scours the web everyday for Jaguars news/rumors, this is a surprise to me. Walter must have a pretty great source, because nobody else is reporting that there’s some schism in Jacksonville’s front office over Blaine Gabbert. He also apparently has no problem looking silly by mocking Jacksonville with the number one pick.

"“The Jaguars are the definition of an unhealthy franchise.”–          Elyssa Gutbrod"

I thoroughly lambasted this article about a month ago for its numerous inaccuracies, but I felt this quote summed up the overall perception of the Jaguars in the national media. The Jaguars are an easy target. They’re going to remain an easy target until they win games.

The long road to national validation begins next week. Luckily, the Jaguars are ready – just look at all those badass “All In” promos.

Daryl Smith is a bad man.

-Daniel Lago