Mainstream Media Likes a Jags Player!??!


The Jaguars have gotten a lot of flack from the mainstream sports media for years.  They are the least popular team, a frequent bottom feeder, and does not have the flashy offense that people like to see in NFL football (or college football for the matter).  Maurice Jones-Drew has been the most popular player on the team since Fred Taylor left.  David Garrard made a small imprint on the minds of the media in 2007, Greg Jones is well respected at his position (but who cares about the fullback these days?), and Daryl Smith is well known by the five people that really like to pay attention to linebackers.

Justin Blackmon held the promise of being the biggest star next to Maurice Jones-Drew.  Of course, after Blackmon was selected by the Jaguars in the 2012 NFL Draft he was quickly overlooked in favor of other receivers that have big-name quarterbacks and high-flying offenses.  Fortunately, sanity is starting to set back in!  Blackmon was noticed by ESPN’s Gary Horton who was looking at ten rookie receivers who can make an impact.

Horton notes that Blackmon is the most talented receiver on the roster already (while slighting the receivers of years past again) and says that he can be the scoring machine the team needs, even with Laurent Robinson on the roster.  If Blackmon starts to produce, the Jaguars may finally be able to throw off the stigmatism that the league and media associates with the Jaguars.

While circus catches and acrobatic moves may not always lead to greater production on the field, it’s hard to deny that sheer athleticism will be greatly beneficial for the Jaguars offense – not to mention some great highlights.

While the rest of us Jags fans were already looking up and getting excited about the product the Jaguars will be putting on the field, the media may be beginning to take notice as well. *phew*

– Luke N. Sims

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