Kenny Britt is Making It Easy On the AFC South


Why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule anything regarding the offseason woes of numerous arrested players this offseason, I fully expect him to come down.  Hard.  When he does, Kenny Britt will probably get a knock from the commish.  And when that happens, the entire AFC South will be happy.

Britt was recently arrested for a DUI in Kentucky.

While seeing NFL players suspended and having a negative impact on the game is never fun, Kenny Britt’s removal from (some) games will make the job of defenses playing the Titans a whole lot easier.  Britt has physical tools that Nate Washington simply does not have.  He also has the mental abilities that Kendall Wright has yet to develop and has yet to display in a game.  After Wright, the drop-off in production (while the receivers will be in more familiar 3-5 receivers) is highly noticeable.

Britt helps to make Chris Johnson a more legitimate threat by presenting a threatening target for Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker and draws the defense away from stacking the box.  CJ2K is good, but he is no Maurice Jones-Drew and won’t be winning a rushing title against nine-man fronts.  Without Britt, Washington and Wright need to outperform their potential, break through their respective ceilings and become legitimate threats in order for the focus of head coach Mike Munchak to actually have an impact.  The loss of the top receiving threat (who missed games past game three last season) will be difficult if Jake Locker does step past Hasselbeck and begins starting.

While there has been no action on Britt yet (And I don’t doubt Justin Blackmon will be in trouble as well), the potential loss in production for the Titans offense while he is away could be spirit-breaking for the team and could help the opponents to take advantage of the Titans early in the year.

– Luke N. Sims

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