Getting Amped For Training Camp


I’m going to be honest, this post is entirely inspired by that Amp Energy Drink commercial from a couple Super Bowls back.  It made me laugh and makes me think of the Super Bowl.  Right now, everyone is undefeated.  Right now, last season makes the Jaguars a laughing stock.  But when the season starts, all that matters is what happens on the field.

Any given Sunday the Jaguars can make their dreams come true.  Some opponents will be better.  Some opponents will be worse.  But no matter what, the Jags will control the product that they put on the field.  And it all starts with Training Camp.

Training Camp is the time when rookies unseat veterans.  Training Camp is the time when players start to prove whether they’re worth that $36 million they were signed for.  It’s the time when the grass is green, watered from the sweat of hard work and the desperation that players face as they showcase their talents before the critical eyes of the coaches.

The players are evaluated, weighed against each other.  The weakest get cut first, until the final roster is made.  The lucky ones become starters, the unlucky are sent packing.  Those in between keep their hopes alive as backups or practice squad members.

Training Camp is about evaluation, determination, and aggravation.  The offense has been installed, underdogs have fans now, and the players want nothing more than to make an impact.  There’s no turning back when training camp starts.  From July 26 onward, the Jaguars are thinking about one thing: playoffs.

Keeping the eyes on the prize is what’s important.  If you can make the team better, you stay.  If you can’t, you’re out.  It’s a tough business, the NFL, but those who stick around make it great.

It’s the weekend and news is short during the deadzone, but it’s almost training camp.  Keep your eyes on the prize and enjoy the video: