Re-Ranking Blaine Gabbert


Blaine Gabbert was number 29 on Ron Jaworski’s list of top 30 quarterbacks.  Recently, Athlon sports listed Gabbert at #32 on their list of starting quarterbacks.

I won’t contest the ranking (Despite Christian Ponder’s 27th ranking…) but I do think it’s time to start thinking about re-ranking Blaine Gabbert next year.  Will he make the leap into a top ten quarterback or will he sit as a bottom feeder for the second consecutive year?  While many of us Jaguars fan hope desperately that Gabbert will up his game in 2012, when we really get down to it we aren’t truly certain he will be able to do so.

The only signs that we have are from the Jaguars coaching staff and their continued investment in Gabbert despite the trials he endured and challenges he struggled through last year.

Gabbert’s re-ranking won’t begin until Gabbert’s play is elevated and he shows he can play at the NFL level.  He will have to show that he can pass against coverages that vary greatly and show that he can withstand pressure against complex blitz packages.  The ranking of Gabbert as the worst quarterback in the league is a tough pill for us and the Jaguars to swallow, but until he proves otherwise we don’t really have a say in the matter.

Gabbert has the physical tools to be an effective passer, most of what he needs to work on is mental and turning his actions into second nature from behind center.  Mike Mularkey and Bob Bratkowski will have to work some miracles if they would like to avoid the embarrassment of having their starting quarterback listed as the worst in the league again.

– Luke N. Sims

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