Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due


The Jaguars offseason culture has been unique this offseason.  Not since the Mike Peterson – Jack Del Rio fall out have the Jaguars had big stars in conflict with the team.  Josh Scobee and Maurice Jones-Drew are two players the Jaguars have always felt they can rely on but now loom ominously in the distance like dark storm clouds.

The key point here is that they loom ominously in the distance.

So far the Jaguars have done a good job of not being overly affected by the holdouts of MJD and Scobee.  The team is in a transition phase.  A new head coach, offensive coordinator, and owner have all been installed.  With them will come a change in focus, priorities, and approach to the game.  And during it all they have managed to keep the superior culture of the Jacksonville Jaguars organization alive.

The team focuses hard, they have learned and installed the new offense, and the team is willing to step up for the new leadership.  The team comes off as stable (unless you’re paying attention to the major news outlets who don’t really pay attention to the Jaguars) and strong.  Talent has been infused into the roster and the team is more hopeful now than they have been in years.  All of this is occurring despite the absence of the highest point scorer of the team the biggest catalyst of the team.

This stability and sense of confidence is all due to those in charge of the team and they deserve a lot of credit for keeping the team focused.

The Jaguars are not a team of divas so it isn’t a shock that there hasn’t been a lot of focus placed on the holdouts by the players holding out or the team.  But being able to keep the focus on football is something that is truly amazing.

– Luke N. Sims

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