“The Jags Have All The Wattage of an Easy Bake Oven”


While reading what it would take for the Jaguars to get to the Super Bowl (Link in the Hub), the line “The Jags have all the wattage of an Easy Bake Oven” popped out at me.  It’s a line that is comical, a little sad, and quite accurate.  Here at B&T we have written about the woes and the potential of the Jaguars in 2012.  We have also looked at the opening of the Super Bowl window that may be before the team.

But the current state of affairs isn’t all that great.

All the wattage of an Easy Bake Oven may as well read: the team was 5-11 last year and will remain so until the next season proves different.  Nate Dunlevy was talking about star power when he wrote his statement, but it can be applied to all aspects of the Jaguars.  Sure, the Jags don’t have any real star power outside of Maurice Jones-Drew but they also don’t get very hot – just like an Easy Bake Oven.

Some good points were made in Dunlevy’s article for Bleacher Report, and while I credit him for his analysis I think that he left out that the Jaguars never really got “hot” during 2011.  The team never seemed fired up.  Watching the Jaguars last season caused your face to set in a perpetual cringe until a good play came along that relaxed your face for all of 30 seconds until it slowly went back to cringe mode.  The team could never capitalize on its plays, they never seemed to fully invest in the play or in the game but instead treated it like practice week in and week out.

The practice mentality of the Jaguars was depressing last year.  The team was always talking about the development of its players.  Yet each week the same team would trot out and the same players would do well while the other players made meager gains (Yes, Gabbert played better in the second half of the season but it wasn’t that much better).  The players who were supposed to be developing never put things together.

The product the Jaguars presented in 2011 was half-baked – just like everything made in an Easy Bake Oven.

– Luke N. Sims

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