Percy Harvin Wants Out – In With Jags?


Vikings receiver Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota.  The latest news is that he wants a trade to leave behind the mediocrity that has been the Vikings for a bit.  As the Jaguars glut of receiving talent is whittled down in the coming months a spot for Harvin may suddenly open up.

Harvin is a great talent with some character concerns and a strange history of migraines that cause him to sit out a lot of games.  The production when he is on the field is hard to argue with though.  In three seasons he has put up 2,625 yards, 17 receiving touchdowns, and has rushed for 587 yards (345 yards came last season when he did some fill-in work after Adrian Peterson went down).  The versatility of Harvin (he’s also a punt/kick returner) combined with his consistent production makes him a talent that few NFL executives will be unable to turn away from.

Dan Zinski at The Viking Age lists five teams that may be interested in trading for Harvin – though he notes that the odds of Harvin leaving are slim to none.  Of interest is that the Jaguars – who have been starved for talent at the position for years – are not listed.  Instead the Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Niners, and Cowboys are the big names.  Of those teams, I really only see the Cowboys and Dolphins needing the help at the position and the Patriots interested purely because the more talent they have on the outside the better Tom Brady and and the tight end duo looks.

Of further note is that the Jaguars probably won’t take a chance on a player they would have to give up a high draft pick for, especially considering the migraine and  potential character concerns.  Still, the idea of bring Harvin to Jacksonville really appeals to me.  It probably wouldn’t be a perfect fit, but his skills with the physical talent of Laurent Robinson and the play making ability of Justin Blackmon would make a trio of receivers like the Jaguars haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Don’t expect a trade for Harvin, but if you’re dreaming about it at some point know that you aren’t alone.

– Luke N. Sims

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