Fred Taylor Deserves Ring of Honor & Hall of Fame!


Fred Taylor will be inducted into the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Pride of the Jaguars during the September 30th game against the Cincinnati Bengals.    Right now, there’s nobody who deserves it more than Freddy T.  Nobody.

The guy is a legend in Jacksonville.  He worked hard, played hard, and he was an inspiration for the community.  Hell, he may be a legend throughout the NFL.  Or at least he should be.

Fred Taylor put up 11,695 yards in 13 seasons in the NFL.  In his 11 seasons with Jacksonville he put up 11,271 yards.  To give you an idea of where that would put him in the Hall of Fame, he would be 12th, behind Thurman Thomas with 12,074 rushing yards.  Of running backs above where he in the Hall of Fame (by rushing yards), Taylor would have higher receiving yards than two of them.  His 66 rushing touchdowns would put him at 17th on the list, one spot ahead of Thurman Thomas.

Either way you look at Taylor’s statistics, he is in some very good company.  If it were me, I’d be more than happy to be right next to Thurman Thomas in Canton.

If Taylor’s statistics don’t get him in (the guy will always be an all-time great), his fluid play and consistent leadership will always have the hearts that saw him play.  Taylor deserves to be enshrined by Jacksonville and the League.  The Patriots brought him in for a reason after he left the Jaguars.  The guy is a winner, through and through.

Congratulations to Fred Taylor for being brought into the Pride of the Jaguars! Every year he’s eligible for the Hall of Fame, I’ll be crossing my fingers and praying with the rest of them to see a Jaguar great recognized the league over.

– Luke N. Sims