Putting the Mike Thomas Rumors to Bed


There have been a lot of rumors circulating about the Jacksonville Jaguars’ wide receiver Mike Thomas.  Thomas was the most productive receiver for the Jaguars in 2010 and is infamous for his Hail Mary catch against the Houston Texans.  He has reportedly had a bad camp….unless you ask head coach Mike Mularkey.

On the Jaguars official site, Mike Mularkey is quoted as saying “[Mike Thomas] has had a good camp.”

Not only that, but Mike Thomas is apparently the most versatile receiver on the Jaguars roster.  For all of the speculation about whether Cecil Shorts or Lee Evans would beat him out for a slot receiver job or some other starting position, Mike Thomas has apparently had a better OTA than it has been speculated.

Thomas’ experience and skill keeps him as one of the top wide receivers heading toward training camp.  Mularkey thinks that Thomas really “gets it” which is especially good for a time that was spent installing a new offense for the coming season.  It means that Thomas has done well in understanding the responsibilities he has to fulfill in the plays.  It means that Thomas understands what other players are doing on the field.

And you know what?  He’s getting better and better according to Mularkey.

These are all good things for a receiver that has struggled according to many people on the field during OTAs and may have given up during last season’s disastrous offensive campaign.  From what is available for all of us writing on the Jaguars to read, it appears that Mike Thomas’ job is quite safe.  He has impressed the coaching staff and seems be developing into a better receiver in the new offense than we have seen him be since 2010.

I think it’s time we stopped speculating about Thomas’ job security and leave it to the experts: his coaches.  We may not think he’s doing as well as we like, but ultimately the final evaluations rest in the hands of the Jaguars coaches and front office.

– Luke N. Sims

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