Fantasy Football – Playing the Jags


Fantasy Football is the thing to do for a lot of guys.  Whether it’s featured in shows like The League or in your own real-life version, many men live for Sundays with their computers open, the TV on, and their wife/girlfriend/dog ignored while they eagerly look up statistics and watch as their online foe in vanquished by Aaron Rodgers playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re playing fantasy football you kind of want to give a little advantage to players on the Jaguars roster.  It’s rare that the defense is picked up by other people who want the high power of the Green Bay Packers or Baltimore Ravens – so grabbing a top 10 D should be pretty easy to do, and if you need another midway through the season someone else will probably be available.

But what about the other players?  What if Maurice Jones-Drew is on the board and that kid you knew in your sophomore year of high school knows you want him but is on the clock?  Are there any other Jaguars gems that could be taken if Pocket Hercules isn’t available?

Fortunately, it’s about that time when websites start publishing their top 100/200/300 fantasy players for the year.  If you favor Jaguars players, who should you pick up?

Maurice Jones-Drew

  • MJD is currently the seventh ranked player according to FOX Sports.  The benefits of picking up Jones-Drew is you know he is going to get the ball.  You know he can play through injury, and you know that if Blaine Gabbert plays well then MJD will have better opportunities, and if Gabbert plays poorly then MJD will have more opportunities.  It’s a win-win!

Laurent Robinson

  • Currently ranked at 93 according to FOX Sports, Robinson promises to be Gabbert’s best target in 2012 (unless Marcedes Lewis suddenly knows how to catch again).  Robinson knows how to get it done and provides some big play ability that has been sorely missed on the Jaguars for a long, long period of time.

Justin Blackmon

  • If Laurent Robinson isn’t the man, then Justin Blackmon will be.  The best wide receiver in the 2012 draft class, the kid has some talent that will be hard to pass up.  I don’t anticipate him dropping further than the fourth or fifth round of your draft, but if you want to sky for him in the third, don’t be shocked when you get good value form Blaine Gabbert’s soon to be favorite wide receiver.

Rashad Jennings

  • Jennings comes in at 171 on FOX Sports top 200, and for good reason.  While I don’t advise taking both MJD and Jennings, Jennings can easily provide some good points for your team each week.  He is a very good spell back for the Jaguars and manages to put up some consistent yards each game.  In a run heavy offense, you’re almost guaranteed yards from Jennings (so long as he isn’t reinjured this year).

Marcedes Lewis

  • The Jags starting tight end comes in two spots lower than the Jags second-string running back.  What does that tell you?  It tells me that Lewis had a terrible 2011 (which he did).  He should be able to rebound in 2012 though.  He is capable of putting up monster numbers.  Under a new coaching staff, he knows he has something to prove this year otherwise he can kiss his roster spot and lucrative contract goodbye.  He’ll perform well and could be a steal in a later round for your team.

Blaine Gabbert

  • I was actually surprised to see Gabbert come in at 190 on FOX’s list.  Truly, I was shocked.  I’m not certain I would spend a pick on Gabbert in my fantasy league, especially when much better quarterbacks could be had on waivers if you need someone for the bye week when Matt Schaub can’t play.  But Gabbert is under pressure to perform and could be a good pickup if he is available mid season and is showing signs of improving.  I’m just not certain I would want to rely on him thus far.

The Jaguars Defense

  • As a Jaguars fan, it’s pretty obvious why you want the Jaguars defense.  Decent in sacks, 11th in takeaways, and they limit yards better than a lot of teams.  If some of the more consistently superior defenses are off the board, grab the Jags’ D.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Josh Scobee

  • FOX didn’t do a ranking of kickers, but if they did Josh Scobee would be high on that list.  His 92% accuracy is hard to beat, his big leg is hard to beat, and who doesn’t love it when the kicker puts them over their opponent for the week?  If the Jags aren’t scoring touchdowns, they’ll be scoring field goals.

While I am by no means a definitive fantasy expert, I do know my Jaguars.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed by the players listed above, though there are certainly some risks.  I personally would stay away from Marcedes Lewis and would rather take a look at Mike Thomas, but hey, that’s just me.

Enjoy your Sundays!

– Luke N. Sims

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