Most Possible Jaguars Picks at #7


We’ve long discussed who the Jaguars may take at #7.  Picks have ranged from wide receiver Justin Blackmon to cornerback Stephon Gimore.  Even rarities like combine superstar Stephen Hill have been thrown out.

However, assuming the Jaguars don’t trade back (which is a possibility), there are really only a few prospects that would be worth drafting at #7.

Whether you believe Luke Kuechly to be the man or Quinton Coples really will be worth it, these are who I believe Gene Smith would spent pick #7 on.

  1. Melvin Ingram, DE – Ingram is the best pass rusher in the draft.  He doesn’t have prototypical size like Quinton Coples, but he uses his body well and can be very innovative in how he gets to the passer.  He can be used as a 3-4 rush linebacker and claims he can play as a 4-3 end as well.  Based on what I’ve seen, I’m inclined to believe him.  Ingram also has a high motor which is something Gene Smith loves and will probably be a major factor in selecting whomever the Jags choose at pick #7.
  2. Stephon Gilmore, CB – A lot of analysts would think this pick is a reach at #7.  It is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right move.  The Jaguars secondary could really use some depth and Gilmore could be the future for the Jaguars at cornerback.  If he is the highest player on GM Gene’s board, he will be taken.  Smith has no qualms about grabbing the man he wants when he can have him.  Don’t be shocked if Gilmore gets nabbed as early as top ten here.
  3. Michael Floyd, WR – Floyd has some great skills.  He’s big, he’s fast, and he controls his body super well.  To top it off, he plays a major position of need for the Jaguars.  While he has rocketed up many draft boards lately, I’m not certain if he really does have top 10 talent despite his top talent at his position.  While GM Gene will take a hard look at Floyd, I don’t think he’ll be the highest rated player on Smith’s board, especially if Ingram and Gilmore are still around.
  4. Justin Blackmon, WR – Blackmon is the belle of the ball for offensive players in this draft.  Luck and RGIII are already wrapped up so it’s really a competition between Richardson and Blackmon as to who will make the most offensive impact for the team that drafts them.  I think Blackmon is that man.  He has said all the right things, his play in college speaks for himself, and he knows how to make a quarterback look good.  The only problem with this pick? He won’t be available at number seven unless the Rams suddenly decide they’re happy with their receiving corps or the Dolphins jump up to get Tannehill.
  5. Quinton Coples, DE – I’m throwing Coples on as a “last resort” type at number seven.  While  a lot of information can be garnered in the build up to the draft, it isn’t shocking to see teams stick with earlier draft boards that ignore hype or massive criticism.  I’m calling it now: Coples will be a very good defensive end in the NFL.  So why won’t the Jags take him?  He has shown he doesn’t always try on every play.  He’s also shown that his attitude isn’t the best.  And Gene Smith does not want a locker room cancer.  However, if the Jags don’t take him and he turns out to be the Julius Peppers that the Jags have always wanted, the entire football world will question whomever the Jags took instead.

Of course, knowing Gene Smith, he’ll trade all of his picks for a player everyone thought was going in the fifth round and grab him at #21 in the first and be happy with a high motor, decent player.

Ok, a little sarcastic, but we all know that Gene Smith will do whatever he wants, criticism be damned.

Who do you think is the most possible player for the Jags to pick at #7?

In Gene We Trust,

– Luke N. Sims