Terrance Knighton’s Return – “Weight” 3 Months


Terrance Knighton was looking fit so far this offseason.  He was proving that he can manage his weight and would be a dominant force on the interior of the defensive line.

Then tragedy struck.  Knighton was hit in the eye with a bottle during an altercation at a nightclub, resulting in his movement to a hospital for evaluation.

The eye is a delicate part of the human body and injuries to it have greatly affected many gifted athletes.  Some of us feared the worst and figured he may be out for 6-8 months.  Well, I’m happy to report that it will only be three months until Knighton returns.

That sets the date around the middle of July which should allow plenty of time for Knighton to begin participating in offseason work and make sure he is ready for the season opener.

But that said, how will he look when he returns?  Will he still manage to keep himself trim over the three months?  Will he somehow balloon back up while waiting for his eye to heal?  Your eye doesn’t really limit you from going to the gym, but it makes tasks a lot harder and I’m certain it’s got to sting for a bit.  Nothing like a little discomfort to make you want to skip out on it all and just sit at home.  And we all know how well Knighton gets fed at home.

So how’s it going to be for the big DT?  Will he be trim in time for the start of the season or will this injury make him come back much like he has the past few seasons, forced to play catch up with his weight in order to hit his stride mid season?

I’m really hoping he comes back strong, fit, and ready to go because without him we’ll have some serious issues in the middle of that line.

– Luke N. Sims