NFL Draft 2012 – Why the Jags Will Trade Down


The NFL Draft is all about value.  It’s about taking a player that meets your needs at the best value before the opposition manages to take that player.  It’s a guessing game.

And it’s certainly more fun than yesterday’s WNBA Draft (even if my dear Minnesota Lynx did become better).

Smith thinks he has the upper hand in the guessing and is hoping to trade back.  He has made it clear in numerous news conferences that he is interested in trading with teams to see if there will be any interest.  But is the seventh pick even a good spot to trade up to?  Does anybody really covet somebody who is just outside of being a top-5 talent and on the latter end of the top-10?

There are quite a few top end talents in the area.  Quinton Coples could be the next Julius Peppers…or the next Derrick Harvey.  Melvin Ingram could be the 3-4 rush backer the Packers or Texans dream of.  Michael Floyd could really be worth it at the pick.  Ryan Tannehill’s agent could convince the quarterback starved teams that he is the piece they are missing.

Someone has to be picked at number seven.  And that’s what Gene Smith is hoping.  Because there is nobody at the spot that the Jags really want.

Quinton Coples could be a home run or an absolute bust.  Melvin Ingram could be a massive reach if he doesn’t turn into a good 4-3 end.  Michael Floyd just isn’t Justin Blackmon and his other potential first round counterpart, Stephen Hill, just isn’t worth it that early either.  Nor do the Jags want another young first round quarterback.

It’s a tough position to be in, but the logic is there.  The Jags don’t want or need or want to miss on any of the talents available at seven.

So, ten days out from the draft, they’re going to continue to hold conferences and phone calls to find that one team who thinks they can knock it out of the park at number seven.  But will they find that team?

Gene Smith seems to think so.

– Luke N. Sims