Mean Front Four


The Jags are going to have a mean front four in 2012.  I know that we’re short a defensive end opposite Jeremy Mincey, but really there’s a lot that can be done with even a mediocre 4th man to go with Tyson Alualu, Terrance Knighton, and Mincey.

Tyson Alualu and his ferocious hands go very well with Knighton.  Knighton is widely regarded as a very good defensive tackle.  Joe Cullen, defensive line “rushmen” coach said that Knighton is among the best defensive linemen in the league when he’s in shape.

And so far he’s in shape.

In a recent article, Pot Roast said that he was around 340 pounds.  While Cullen would like to see him in the 330s, that’s still quite the decreased from the 360 or so he reported to camp at last year.  Assuming he remains in fit form for the next few months to get to camp, we’ll have quite the beast on our hands.

The more attention Knighton gets, the more Alualu can do.

And when those two can collapse the pocket from the center, you know you’ve got some success going on.  And that frees up the ends to make plays.

Enter Jeremy Mincey and Aaron Kampman/DraftPick.

Jeremy Mincey has shown he knows how to get after the quarterback.  And judging by his smiles I’d say he likes it!  The Jags are looking for even greater improvement from Mincey in 2012.  And I think he’ll bring it.  He knows how to bull rush and use some finesse to get around his defender.  He has quietly established himself as a top talent.

Opposing quarterbacks beware!

I’m really digging a healthy Aaron Kampman.  It may be the Wisconsin or Minnesotan blood that flows through my veins, but the guy just makes me smile every time he hits the field.  But I know it probably won’t last.  I won’t get my hopes up.

Well not for a completely healthy Aaron Kampman.  But not re-signing Matt Roth is indicative that Gene Smith has a man he wants to start or play heavily on that sign.  He’s letting good talent (which Roth was) walk away from a top ranked defense.


Because the Jaguars know they can get even meaner.

As tough as our front four is, it isn’t even complete.  The guys are going to be amazing next year.  I know it because of past play, solid talent, and the hints being left behind in the personnel moves.

Feel it guys.  Relish it.  And when the season starts, watch it!

– Luke N. Sims