Editor's Note:  This post is from new Black and Teal writer David Johns.  David provides ..."/> Editor's Note:  This post is from new Black and Teal writer David Johns.  David provides ..."/> Editor's Note:  This post is from new Black and Teal writer David Johns.  David provides ..."/>

Enough with Tim Tebow…let’s talk football.


"Editor’s Note:  This post is from new Black and Teal writer David Johns.  David provides solid need for us Jaguars fans in this offseason: sanity.  Enjoy and welcome David to the community dear gents and ladies!"

What’s done is done. Tim Tebow is NOT coming to Jacksonville. Speculating on the “why” will only lead to more spiritual agony and maybe even a migraine. It’s time to let it go, Jags fans. Tebow was not our only hope. This is a football team. So let’s talk football.

I’ve spoken with several casual fans about the city. The Vincent Jacksons and Brandon Carrs of the NFL realm have all but left a goodbye letter. Everyone seems a bit agitated that Khan and Smith did not pursue any of these high-priced superstar, super stud, never-ever-fail, free agents. What everyone is failing to realize is that the best teams don’t have to sign these overvalued free agents. -Name one high priced free agent the Giants brought in last year. Try it with the Packers too – “Overvalued?” You may ask. Yes, overvalued. Name two free agents last year other than K David Akers and RB Darren Sproles to make an obvious impact. Braylon Edwards? That’s more the production. It’s not about the guys you sign. It’s about the off season designed.

The Jags have signed three free agents. Dallas WR Laurent Robinson, Miami QB Chad Henne, and CB Aaron Ross (there may be a ton of value there). Laurent Robinson had 11 TDs last season. Who doesn’t need a veteran back up QB? You can never have too many corners in this pass happy league.

No, not very flashy, but what the casual fan is failing to realize is that all three of these players fill needs. That’s what free agency is about…filling needs, not about making “wow” moves. Last time I checked, fame and popularity didn’t win super bowls. OK, I said they signed only three, but the organization brought back several of their own players including DE Jeremy Mincey which was one of the best decisions the front office could have made.

All of this is ancient history in the world of football. This brings us to current events. The Washington/St. Louis trade has altered the entire landscape of the draft (obviously). Before the trade, most mock gurus, draft enthusiasts, and couch GMs had WR Justin Blackmon (OSU) coming to the big cat city. It seems like everyone wanted to go ahead and slate Mr. Blackmon in the big “7” on their draft boards. Why? This team needs receivers. This team needs a passing attack. This team needs some offense, and while I am very impressed with Justin Blackmon’s pro day, needs was already covered, buddy.

Free agency is for need.

And besides, after the Jaguars’ history of taking WRs in the first round, wouldn’t you be even a bit nervous about taking this guy?

The best teams never have, never will draft based on need. Did the Giants pass on Jason Pierre-Paul when they already had a league best pass rush? Did the Packers pass on Rodgers when they already had a future hall of famer? Did the Patriots really need to draft Aaron Hernandez in the mid rounds after getting Rob Gronkowski in the 2nd?  NO! They didn’t need these guys, but they were getting the best players available (BPA). Now, this is something I do applaud the Jags on doing. They always do their best to go BPA. Last year when Gabbert slipped to the 10th overall spot, they moved up and got their man. It’s easy to criticize that move after his first year, but does anyone remember Peyton Manning’s first year? How about Troy Aikman’s? If you don’t, use the google machine and get up to date. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So who might the Jags target next month? I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine, but I have a few prospects I think should be worthy of a look. DE Quinton Coples )UNC) or how about OT Riley Reiff from Iowa?

“But we already have a pretty solid tackle in Eugene Monroe! We don’t need to draft another tackle!” Hmm….no we don’t need to, but he just may be the best guy on the board to help our football team. I for one definitely wouldn’t mind seeing another pass rusher, but I’ll refrain…for now.

See? Isn’t that better?  Did that help you get over the Tim Tebow mass hysteria that has now infected NYC?  I hope you’ve realized that this is a real football team, and the best way to sell tickets will always be winning.

-David R. Johns