Robert Meachem – Should the Jags go after the other New Orleans Prospect?


Robert Meachem is the other Saints receiver to hit free agency.  Oh wait, Colston was signed all of two hours before free agency hit.


With Colston gone, the Jag should take a hard look at Meachem.

Meachem, a first round pick in the 2007 draft, has been able to contribute with the prolific Saints passing attack for four seasons now.  While not as prolific as Colston, Meachem fills a vital role as a strong speed threat.  At 6’2″, 214 pounds he also provides a bit more “oomph” behind his plays.

Meachem has averaged only 6.25 starts over the past four seasons.  And he’s never posted above 722 yards in a season.  His career high came in 2009, a full two years back.  One would expect receivers to perform better in a wildly aggressive passing attack down in New Orleans.  Instead, Meachem has practically posted pedestrian numbers.

I think that, given the opportunity, Meachem could perform as a surefire #2 receiver for the Jags.

Meachem has very good hands, a gift for field awareness, and is young enough to enable the Jags to look toward older wide receivers if they need a “band aid” to get by for the next few seasons.

With the crazy amount of drops the Jaguars suffered from this past year, it’s hard not to believe that Blaine Gabbert is getting down on himself.  Meachem provides a reliable target and veteran experience on a good passing team.  The Jags can probably grab Meachem for cheap as his stock probably won’t rise much even with the departure of other top-flight wide receivers as free agency pans out.

– Luke N. Sims