Hellooooo Free Agency!


Free Agency is a glorious thing my dears!  We’ve now come to the time when the free agents of the world are almost all set (except Oakland’s Kevin Boss apparently) to hit he market.

It’s the time when the draftniks get shocked at the grab a team made.

It’s the time that Peyton Manning makes his decision.

The time that Randy Moss decides to play again (good work San Fran!).

It’s the time when all of us fans patiently hold our breath, wondering just how open Shahid Khan’s pocket book will be.

It’s the time we snap our computers shut after reading a rival snagged a brilliant player.

It’s also the time we sit at home, avoiding She Who Must Be Obeyed, frantically refreshing ESPN, FOXSports, or NFL.com.

It’s our time.  The fans’ time.

Yet we get no say in what actually occurs during free agency.  Our cries for Mario Williams will not be heard.  Our Vincent Jackson fever will not catch with the Jaguars’ front office.  Our pleas at the feet of Gene Smith will ultimately look like the pathetic grovel that we all know it is.

And yet there is hope.

Hope that the Jags will retain some higher priced players who are testing the waters.

Hope that Blaine Gabbert won’t be weaponless in 2012.

Hope that Maurice Jones-Drew’s massive, solitary star power can attract some more talent.

Hope that Greg Jones continues to wear the Black and Teal.

Sure, it’s kind of depressing, exciting, and anxious all at once.  But us Jags fans have a little secret that other teams overlook.

We’ve got Gene Smith.

He’s our fearless leader.  Our franchise builder.  He isn’t the rock, he’s the guy that made the rock.  He’s the mastermind we’re all counting on.  Hate his hair?  He doesn’t care.  Hate his reaches in early rounds?  Watch them pay dividends.  He’s a BAP master, and he’s got the NFL 2012 draft and free agency in his sites.

It’s shaping up to be a good day!

In Gene we trust!

– Luke N. Sims