Why the Jags Haven’t Gone After Mincey


While Jeremy Mincey was listed as a priority for the Jags to resign during the offseason, he remains without a contract a day and a half before free agency.

I can’t imagine it’s because Mincey isn’t productive.  The guy had eight sacks in 2011 and has really blossomed into a very strong player on the Jaguars’ front four.  Without Mincey the Jaguars will essentially be hoping that one of their numerous other defensive ends will suddenly become workhorses that can play almost every snap and still be effective.

News flash: There isn’t really anybody like that on the roster.

Aaron Kampan is really hurting.  John Chick has great potential.  Aaron Morgan, Matt Roth, and Austen Lane can all be solid contributors but aren’t really consistent play making guys.  The Jags have eight defensive ends on their roster.  I think that is symbolic that the team isn’t very satisfied with their starting lineup and are hoping that they can find a combination of guys to produce.

Without Mincey, the entire “rushmen” corps looks considerably less productive.

So why haven’t they come to terms yet?  The Jags need the man and the man does well in the system.

I think it’s because the Jags are looking to see how the market shapes up for defensive ends.  With Mario Williams on the list of free agents, expect the market to get expensive.  NFLTradeRumors has Mincey listed as the #6 best target for free agency.  He is also listed as the best value with his production.

Mincey is worth the cash.  With almost all new coaching staff, expect a fresh culture to hit Jacksonville and that should invigorate Mincey to even greater production.

Because the Jags know best that Mincey is worth the cash I think they will try to pursue Mario Williams first.  Williams is the top commodity in free agency at defensive end.  I fully expect the Jags to try to sign him.  If they fail, or succeed at a lower amount than they initially predicted, expect the Jags to then offer Mincey a very big offer to keep the defensive end happy and in town.

While the waiting game seems a little tenuous to all of us fans, it’s probably what’s best for the Jags.

I hope the Jaguars try to keep Mincey around.  His contributions and leadership have been invaluable on this young team.

– Luke N. Sims