Brandon Lloyd – In-Depth Analysis on Why He’d Fit With the Jags


Brandon Lloyd will play for New England next year.  Or at least that’s what the internet has been saying.

Lloyd, a perpetual journeyman of a wide receiver has a dynamic personality, plays with a spark, provides a speedy deep threat for any team, and has proven that he can be a productive receiver in numerous different schemes across the nation.

Originally drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth round of the 2003 draft, Lloyd really came into his own in 2010 with the Broncos.  He posted an impressive 1448 yards and 11 touchdowns under Josh McDaniels’ poorly run operation.

With the departure of McDaniels, the failure of Kyle Orton, and the new direction of head coach John Fox, Lloyd was sent to St. Louis after four games with the Broncos.  It is his fifth team in nine years.  Come 2012 he will have been on six in 10 years.

While the wide receiver has consistently been shuffled from place to place, he has provided good fits for the teams he has played for.  Usually a role player, demonstrated during his stints with the Bears and Redskins, Lloyd was impressive when he needed to be.  He posted 733 yards with San Francisco his third year in the league.  Despite changing teams in 2011 he still managed an impressive 966 yards in only 15 games.

At only 6’0″ tall and 192 pounds, Lloyd is not going to be filling the number one spot for the Jags but could provide a solid number two.

But how could he end up with the Jags?  Having expressed a keen interest in signing with the New England Patriots, Lloyd may not be as big a member of the AFC Champions in 2012 as he may desire.  The Patriots have been stacked with receiving threats for years and with the emergence of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, wide receivers have become more expendable.  (See: Underwood, Tiquan)

The Jags aren’t really looking for another undersized wide receiver to line up opposite an as-of-yet undefined #1, but if Lloyd ends up not signing with the Patriots, look for the Jags to make an offer.  Even if it’s a lowball.

When you need as much help as the Jaguars, nobody is ever ruled out.

– Luke N. Sims