Wheeling and Dealing – How the Jags Can Trade Back


The Jaguars are “sitting pretty” with the number seven pick in this year’s NFL Draft.  Of course, by sitting pretty I mean that in a good year the Jags are at a spot where they can either find really good value at number seven or they can trade back and find value that they desire more later in the round or the next round.

With the recent proposed trade between the Redskins and the Rams, with the Rams giving the ‘Skins their #2 pick for what is certain to be a bonanza of picks from Washington, it’s time for the Jags to really think about how to play the game.  The game of giving away numer seven so they can pick up someone with first round talent later in the round.

The Jags have been linked to players like Quinton Coples or Justin Blackmon at the number seven spot.  Coples is a phenomenal talent with a faulty motor (we think).  Blackmon is a dominant wide receiver who could revamp the Jags’ receiving corps just by being on the roster.  But Blackmon’s stock has been falling.  How fast is he really?  Does he have that extra gear?

I don’t think that the Jags are sold on Coples and I don’t think the Jags are sold on Blackmon either.  Blackmon is the more logical choice, but with some talent starved teams picking before the Jags, I doubt that he’ll even be on the board.

Recently, B&T’s own Daniel Lago proposed that the Jags may be able to work a trade out with the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Bengals have two first rounders this year (Thanks Oakland) but still need to add some special cogs to their Dalton-Green connection.

If there is a good talent sitting at number seven, expect Cincinnati to be in play, trying to move up from 17 and 21 in order to make a play for someone like Richardson or Coples or Melvin Ingram.  All three of which have top level talent at their position (Ingram being the biggest gamble with non-ideal size) and can be beneficial to the Bengals by providing a true “elite” boost when they hit the field.

While I think it will be difficult to trade back, especially since some of the mid-round talent isn’t super great this year, I think that it’s possible for the Jags to find a team like the Bengals who just want/need something special early.

Look to see Gene Smith Wheeling and Dealing to get things done.

– Luke N. Sims