Randy Moss – Why The Jags Should Stay Far, Far Away


Yesterday I compiled a list of reasons why the Jags should give Randy Moss a chance in 2012.  For now, we’ll take a peek at the opposite because no matter how desperate Jacksonville is for receiver help, it simply will not be coming from old number 84 out of Minnesota, New England, Minnesota, and Tennessee.  When your first team (which you set records with) doesn’t want you to stick around during your second stint for more than a few weeks, you know you’ve got issues.

How many issues does Moss bring with him?  His baggage makes my girlfriend’s baggage look like a carryon.

Randy Moss has never been known as a true “bad boy” of the league.  He doesn’t run around each weekend getting in fights with the local drunk, he doesn’t have overtly public breakups that lead to citations about his abusive personality, and he doesn’t cram drugs through his veins faster than a Hollywood star.  But he’s had his moments.  He was fined ten thousand dollars for fake mooning the Packers’ fans after a touchdown in 2005, five thousand for fighting with some Bears players in 2003, and a meager twelve hundred for”bumping” traffic control officer with his car (His car!) in 2002.

But it isn’t just about his early years that let the NFL and its fans into the dysfunctional world of Randy Moss.  Despite constant reprimands form the league and from his own team, the star never quite got the message.  He never learned to humble himself and accept the consequences of his actions.

For example, when questioned about the ten thousand dollar fine placed on him for mooning the packers fans, Moss replied, “Ain’t nothing but ten grand.  What’s ten grand to me?”  The full response goes much more in depth and alludes to shaking a certain male anatomical body part next time.

What does this all add up to?  A player who is no longer worth the trouble.  No matter how great Moss’ numbers were throughout his career, his play no longer allows for inconsiderate responses and rude comments to just about everybody (including receiving a Vikings promoted fifteen thousand dollar fine for bashing corporate sponsors).

Gene Smith will know to steer well clear of Randy Moss this year, and he has every reason to do so, even if a lot of the “acting out” of Moss came a half decade ago.

– Luke N. Sims