Randy Moss – Why The Jaguars Should Pursue Him


I recently outlined why the Jaguars should try to acquire some aging greats at the wide receiver position.  I stand by my assessment of the talent level and professionalism displayed by Donal Driver and Hines Ward.  I also stand by the pure playmaking ability of Randy Moss.

Up front let’s just say that he is not a Gene Smith man. I get that.

But is he a Mularkey man?  Is he a Bratkowski man?  These are important questions to consider about the Jaguars before thinking about Randy Moss.

Just the other day, Cris Carter (a future Hall of Fame wide receiver) was talking about Randy Moss on internet radio.  He mentioned a commonly identified problem of Randy Moss, his tendency to “quit” on plays, but he also mentioned that Moss probably still runs a 4.3 40 yard dash.


The Jaguars haven’t had a speed threat like Randy Moss in years and years.  Heck, we haven’t had a true number one receiver since Jimmy Smith.  Randy Moss provides a speedy deep threat and, hopefully, with a year off he could be back to that form.

If Mike Mularkey needs a speedy receiver to open up other coverages like Roddy White did in Atlanta, then Randy Moss could be his man.

Besides that, Randy Moss could be had at a low cost since his overall league perception is low and he has been out of the league for a year.  If he ends up being a fit for the new offensive scheming, he could really be beneficial both financially and talent wise for the Jaguars.

I grew up watching Randy Moss for years and years in Minnesota.  I had a conflict of interest since my parents were from Wisconsin.  Watching Moss burn the Packers twice a year was a painful experience at my parents’ place, but man you had to admire it.  Sure, he had a 1,000 catch man opposite him in Cris Carter, but his ability to make the big catch was enviable by everyone across the nation.

It may just be possible that Jag Nation could make him the envy of the entire league yet again.

– Luke N. Sims