Superbowl XLVI Halftime – Patriots Winning, Halftime Awards


With my initial prediction of the Patriots winning before the game, I was nervous when the Giants came out with a 9 point spread and looked unstoppable early in the first half.

The Patriots proceeded to tie the longest drive in Superbowl history and prove that they still have some left in the tank and can persevere to win in Superbowl XLVI.

But how are the teams playing thus far?  Who has been the most influential?  Who will proceeded to gain the claim of MVP at the end of the game?  Let’s take a peek after the jump.

Before the half, the Giants looked dominant until Tom Brady and co, through Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker, proceeded to march downfield as though the defense did not exist.  Gronkowski finally got involved on the offense and the defensive front of the Giants decided that they weren’t going to take it easy in the Superbowl.

Here are the awards for the first half:

First-half MVP: Steve Weathererford

  • Steve Weatherford is one of the primary reasons the Giants are still in this game.  A lot of attention is going to be awarded to the Ginats’ front seven and to the way Eli has been throwing the ball.  A lot of credit should be given to the receivers of New York, but Weatherford has proven that special teams matter.  Tom Brady’s 96-yard touchdown drive is a result of the terrible Giants defensive backfield, but starting at the four and five yards lines are a result of Weatherford’s expertise as a punter.  Look for field position to decide this game.

First-Half Offensive MVP:  Danny Woodhead

  • While he has been slightly less effective all offseason, Woodhead came alive on the Patriots’ final drive, connecting with Tom Brady for the score to put them ahead with eight seconds left, and providing an outlet to distract away from Wes Welker and an injured Rob Gronkowski.

First-Half Defensive MVP:  Jason Pierre-Paul

  • Pierre-Paul has managed to prove why he is so important on the Giants’ front four.  He is doing a masterful job of disrupting the Tom Brady led passing game (he batted down one pass) and has effectively sealed off the edge against the combined running attack of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  Look for Pierre-Paul to perform better in the first game his father has watched.  He’ll improve on his one tackle from the first half and will continue to create pressure through the very good New York offensive line.

While my score may be off in my initial prediction, it will probably still come true. Look for the Patriots to continue to pull ahead in the second half.

Half time prediction:  Patriots 27, Giants 16.

– Luke N. Sims